Amazing Harley Davidson Gifts for Her

Your shopping list includes purchasing some Amazing Harley Davidson Gifts for Her. There are a multitude of sexy, badass gifts available for the modern biker chick. What do you look for in a gift for your female Harley Davidson fan? The first thought should be her personality. Does she like classic, old school items, or is she attracted to bling? Does she like leather or lace? Perhaps she is a collector and would love some Harley Davidson collectibles. Home decor items are great ways for the biker lady to make her lair into the ultimate biker home entertainment space. I have showcased both genuine Harley Davidson products as well as some other related brands of motorcycle gifts. 

Amazing Harley Davidson Gifts for Her That She Will Treasure

Amazing Harley Davidson Gifts For Her

Gift ideas for your biker chick include:

  • Biker jewelry is always a winning idea for a girl. Whether it is a friend, daughter, mother or wife, your female inspired biker jewelry will be sure to get you on the good list.
  • Harley Davidson clothing is practical and personal. Biker chicks love clothes. Practical items are excellent choices for a woman who rides her own motorcycle. Casual and dress-up items are great choices for any special occasion.
  • Home decor items run from wall art to bedroom and bathroom items that sport the Harley logo. Cups, glasses and even appliances can be biker themed.
  • Collectibles are all the rage. And many ladies love to collect unique items. Harley Davidson has a vast selection of collectibles and adds new items every year. This is a gift idea that is really easy to upkeep through the years.
  • Riding gear is one of the utmost important thing to the lady rider Jackets, Boots, Chaps, Gloves and Helmets are all necessities. It might be a good idea to consult with her on these items, as most women have specific desires and needs when it comes to performance gear.
  • Harley Davidson yard and garden items. Harley garden gnomes and garden flags are just a couple of items that deserve honorable mention
  • Parts and accessories for her motorcycle. Lets face it, all of us lady riders love to personalize our bikes. Whether we are adding bling with chrome parts or adding practical items such as wind screens or saddle bags, customization becomes an obsession. Most women like to amp up horsepower and change out mufflers and air cleaners. Fuel packs increase engine efficiency. Big ticket items may include boring out our motorcycle heads for even more power. 

I will give some gift ideas for each of the items listed above. No matter what age us ladies are, we still appreciate the thought and effort you put into your gifts to us.

harley davidson Gift Ideas for her

Harley Davidson Jewelry for Women

Get her motor running with a Harley Davidson Necklace women will adore. The dainty set  includes a pendant, chain and earring set comprised of sterling silver with Black Hills gold accents. The detailed motorcycle is highlighted with leaves made of rose and green gold. The post style earrings are an exact match to the necklace. Any woman would be proud to wear these beautiful items. 

A Harley Davidson Bar and Shield Bracelet with diamond looking accents is sure to attract comments for the motorcycling woman in your life. This leather cuff, rhinestone embellished bar and biker ladies armlet has lots of bling and sassiness.  The historic logo variant is a classic design with a real feminine twist. It can be worn with a dress up outfit or jeans and a leather vest. This bracelet will become one of her favorite adornments. I would certainly love a wrist band like this!

A Ring Depicting the Harley Owners Group Emblem for that special lady in your life will speak volumes. If she rides a Harley Davidson, this Ladies of Harley H.O.G ring might be just the gift for her. Harley Owners Group has had had a chapter for Ladies of Harley for years, and this ring is a very classy representation of their product. The winged logo is mounted on a .925 sterling silver band. One of the advantages of wearing a band is that it wont catch on her gloves when she puts them on. She will thank you not only for the ring itself, but by the ease of wearing it.

A Harley Davidson Ladies Watch is a practical and decorative gift to grace the wrist of your favorite lady biker. This beauty by Bulova is stainless steel and has an all important safety clasp. It has luminous hands and is water proof up to 165 feet. I have always worn a wrist watch and I know that I would love to wear an artistic piece like this and I am sure it is a gift that would be very much appreciated by its wearer. This is an amazing Harley Davidson gift for her.

Harley Davidson Ladies Clothing

Hoodies are a girls best friend. Whether you are riding or not, women love biker sweaters with hoods. They are a great mid layer item for those cool evenings after a long, exhilarating ride. Depending on your ladies preference, there are pullover versions and zip up versions of the hoody. Made of cotton or blends, these items chase off the chill while adding to the mystique of the hot biker babe. From plain to sassy and sparkly, there is an item for every taste. I own both pullover and zip up hoodies. I dont leave home wthout one.

Harley Davidson Hair Accessories - biker hats for women

To cap off the clothing ensemble, all motorcycle mavens like to wear something on their heads. Hats, caps and hair accessories help to manage helmet hair and add a crowning touch to your biker outfit. These items are fashionable and unique. Whether your lady Harley lover has long or short hair, there is sure to be something in these cute choices to please their personal taste. I keep a truckers style ball cap or a blinged up painters cap in my saddle bag as a helmet head cover up after a ride. I wear a bandana or  do-rag style headwrap as a liner under my helmet to tame the messy hair and absorb sweat inside my helmet. The ever-popular cowboy hat always brings rave reviews. A leather braid or ponytail wrap is practical and pretty. Last, but not least is the trustworthy scrunchie or hair elastic with the Harley Davidson bar and shield logo. Hair accessories are very affordable Harley Davidson gifts for her.

Motorcycle Home Decor

I am going to share a few motorcycle home decorating ideas that really spruce up the home with some added vroom vroom. When you are thinking of Harley Davidson gifts for her, please keep home decor in mind. Any of these delightful items would be amazing gifts for a woman who appreciates biker inspired accents to her home.

Harley Davidson Wall Clocks are a home decorative item that is practical and is also a conversation piece. This vintage inspired clock features a 1912 motorcycle with a picturesque black and white background. This would make a timely gift for a motorcycle lovin' lady. She will be so impressed by this thoughtful and original work of art.

A personalized outdoor doormat is a great idea for the decor of a lady rider. This unique motorcycle mat can be customized with any text that would be appropriate to this biker household. You could put a name or even a favorite quote or word. Keep those boots wiped off before they come in the door. This is a thoughtful way to help your biker gal keep the house clean so she can spend more time riding.

A comfortable, beautiful set of motorcycle tribal print throw pillows is the perfect accent for a Harley Davidson themed room. These gorgeous goodies can be personalized with any message you may want to add. Perhaps you could add a special occasion and/or date to remember an epic rally or trip. The possibilities are endless. These can also be ordered in different colors. I love the Tribal style motorcycle that adorns these pillows. I use different colored pillows to change up the decorating scheme in my house. Add throw pillows to your list of excellent Harley Davidson gifts for her.

Try a set of these black and white Harley Davidson motocycle lamps to light up her world! I love the amazing retro motorcycle graphics on this beauty. Since the shade is black and white it will fit in any decor or color scheme. You will be at the top of her list of favorite gifters when you present her with this one-of-a-lamp kind room decoration. Its Harley and its cool. Vintage is in this year! Biker chicks will adore this lamp.

Harley Davidson wall hangings are an excellent expression of friendship for a female motorcycle enthusiast.  Both my husband and I are huge fans of Harley wall decor. This classic example of a wall decoration is an etched mirror surrounded by a vintage tin motorcycle logo collage. The mirror glass is etched with the flamed bar and shield Harley Davidson logo. Did you know that mirrors make your space appear to be larger? Your lady friend may choose to strategically place this by an outer door so she can get a last minute glimpse of her wardrobe and make up before she exits the house.

Harley Motorcycle Collectibles

Are you a collector? Harley Davidson has a multitude of collectibles. Biker memoribilia is an outstanding idea for a Harley Davidson gift for her. Gifting a collectible can be the start of a seasonal gift request. Many biker folk love to collect these items, some of which accrue value.  Other collections are merely cute and adorable ornaments. There are also practical items for every day use. Many collections add new innovative additions every year. These are a wonderful idea for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas are a few holidays that could merit the gift of this to your favorite biker babe.

Motorcycle Coffee Table Books

One of the best examples of Harley Davidson Memorabilia is the wide variety of Motorcycle Coffee Table Books.  My husband received the Harley Davidson   - a History of the World's Most Famous Motorcycle book for Christmas one year and it was full of amazing photography and history. These brightly illustrated books are chock full of information on your favorite motorcycles. This gift for her will really get her motor running. As a reference tool and as an adornment for her coffee table they are sure to inspire and to fill the time with history and information on a rainy day or even to pass those cold winter nights. 

Cool Cribbage Boards and Harley Davidson Playing Cards

Not only does this biker babe love motorcycles, she loves playing cards! Cribbage is a family favorite game in our house. An ideal gift idea for her would be Harley Davidson playing card collectibles. Enclosed in collector tins, she has the option to save the set of illustrated cards as a collectible or to use them to beat you at cribbage, hearts, whist or any other card game. She will be over the moon with this affordable and economical gift. If you wanted to go all out, how about including one of the cool cribbage boards with a biker theme. Imagine the crib tournaments you can have.

Best Motorcycle Music

Motorcycles and music go together like pig roasts and bikers. We spend countless hours whether in the midst of a crowd or enjoying each others company listening to tunes. Can you imagine her delight if she receives a gift of music. There are several CDs available as collector sets to add to her musical library. Harley Davidson music albums provide the best motorcycle music, and are a perennial favorite. She can listen to classic songs on her bike, on her MP3 player or in her home. She can download the collections to her iphone and take them places with a blue tooth speaker in her saddle bag and have a party wherever the road takes her. These blistering hot tunes will have her tapping her toes in no time. Every time she plays them she will think of you. These collections incorporate the favorite biker songs all in one place. This is an incredible Harley Davidson gift for her! Regardless if you love blues, rock or country there are great party worthy songs on these albums. Get out and shake your booty!

Harley Davidson Collector Items

Harley Davidson Collector Items are a a favorite gift for all our motorcycling friends. New collectibles come out every year. These items can become investments. Highly sought after collectibles can be shown off in special curio cases and china cabinets. Your biker lady will look forward to seeing what the next gift will be for her personal collection. I know many riders who have extensive collections that they have been gleaning for years. These can become true hot trader items.

I am going to showcase some Franklin Mint Ornaments as an example of motorcycle gifts for her that have new items every year. Here we have a motorcycle collector plate and a die cast model of a Harley 1947 Fire Service bike. Either of these items would be a lovely gift idea for the special Miss or Mrs in your world. Everything motorcycle is special.

Hallmark Harley Davidson Ornaments are available with motorcycle collectors in mind. This company carries unique gifts for her. There is a collectible Harley shop figurine to add to her motorcycle figure collection. She would love a practical perpetual calendar with the Harley wings and bar and shield logo. My personal favorite is this adorable Harley motorcycle boot collector salt and pepper shaker set. A Christmas ornament of a gnarly, too cool biker Santa is sure to bring a smile to her face and will be put in a prominent spot on the Yuletide tree. No one else will think of getting her these neat gifts. You will be added to her collection of amazing gift givers with these Harley Davidson gifts for her.

Harley Davidson Barbie Collectibles are a unique gift for grown up girls too. Your gal will think you are a doll if you can help her start a collection of motorcycle mamma Barbies. These dolls are highly collectible and if they are left in their box can accrue value. But whats the fun in that? Its far more fun to take Barbie dolls out once in awhile and dress them up in all kinds of biker chic doll clothes. These beauties are poseable and have bending joints and heads that turn. Motorcycle barbies come as blondes, brunettes and red heads. There are various ethnic cultures available for these vixens also. There is nothing bad to be said for these bad girls. Attitude and sass; thats what its all about. These could also be gifted to the little girl in your life as well as the big one.

Ladies Motorcycle Gear

Performance gear for riding is at the top of every woman riders gift list. Owning items that are both practical and fashionable are necessities. I have been riding a motorcycle for over 20 years and have had a ton of experience with motorcycle gear. Each of us girls has our own taste in outer wear. Safety is an issue and there is no reason why style cannot meet safety. I am going to give you a couple of examples each of jackets, boots, chaps, rain gear and helmets and gloves that you can gift to the lady in your life. The items I show would all make wonderful Harley Davidson gifts for her. I would advise conferring with her to ensure that the items you give her are in a style she would appreciate. An idea to do this is to be casually looking with her and ask her which designs she likes. For instance, if she likes gear with the Harley Davidson Willie G Skull logo, it will be easy to find all the apparel with this logo. Another important point is to know her size if it is to be a surprise. For motorcycle boots, knowing if she has an unusual foot or calf width can be super important. It would be very disappointing to get such a thoughtful gift and then find it doesn't fit

Womens Motorcycle Jackets

Womens Motorcycle Jackets are a true expression of style. There are so many styles of motorcycle jackets out there. Would she prefer leather or textile. Does she rock her style with fringes or bling? Or does the lady in question like simple, plain and practical? So many choices. There are color variations including brown, black or other colors such as pink. Giving her a gift of a motorcycle jacket is an investment as she may want to wear it for many years. Harley Davidson makes some rocking good coats.

 Ladies Leather Motorcycle Jackets need to be made of quality leather. They must be waterproofed regularly in order to keep them waterproof and supple. It is practical to have them zip right up to the neck if needed. These wardrobe necessities should be lined. It is handy if pockets either zip or snap shut to avoid losing important items. I personally like lots of pockets!  I also like zippers on the lower arms for fitment of gloves. Some of these jackets may also come with zipped vents under the arms and on the back. This is a nice feature. Some leather jackets also come with removable foam or kevlar protectors at key skid points on the body. Some women insist on wearing this safety addition but many opt to remove these inserts. My leather jacket is an outdated model, but it has all the features listed above.

Womens Textile Motorcycle Jackets or Ladies Mesh Motorcycle Jackets are the new age materials that have safety features built in. They are skid resistant and rate highly in safety tests. Both these types of jackets have removable foam or kevlar pads. Thse modern looking coats make very popular Harley Davidson gifts for her.

I have an earlier model of this jacket. Xelement motorcycle jackets for women have many good features. I l have wide shoulders and I love how this jacket gives me plenty of room to move. The hoodie portion of this coat is zipped in and is removable. The side and back zip vents allow for excellent breathability. The side panels are stretchy and so fit nicely whether I am riding or walking. I truly appreciate how it comes a little lower on the back. Nothing worse than a bee or hornet crawling or flying into the back of your coat! And I love the embroidered accents that finish off the jacket in a unique look.

Mesh motorcycle jackets for women are great on those hot summer days when you want a breeze but still want to be protected from road rash. These outer shells protect your special lady from rocks, bugs and sunburn as well as road burn in the unlikely event that the bike slides out from under you. It is so comfortable for her to ride for miles on her Harley Davidson wearing one of these fashionable coats.

Best Women Motorcycle Riding Boots

Womens Motorcycle Riding Boots come in many stylesBoots are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment when riding a motorcycle. Whether you are a lady rider or a passenger, ankle and foot protection is of utmost concern. I think that we can all agree that riding in sandals or high heels may be fashionable, but dangerous. Boots are an amazing gift for a woman. The giver knows that they have given something practical and durable. Harley lovers need boots. The Harley Davidson motor company is known for their good quality womens footwear. I own the Shawnee motorcycle boot as shown below. These boots are comfortable both on and off the bike and provide me with all the safety features I desire along with nice styling. I am short of leg, so I appreciate the thick sole on these beauties.

Things to Look for in motorcycle boots

There are several things to look for in ladies motorcycle footwear. Good soles, ankle protection, durability, fitment and workmanship are some of the priorities for boot shopping. Of course, style is important too. This may be a gift that requires female input. Sizing is so important. We all require a combination of comfort, good looks and performance. Nothing is worse than a beautiful pair of boots you cant walk in. Soles should have good tread and be of non slip material. If the motorcyclist happens to have shorter legs, she may require a thicker sole. Look for good stitching and removable liners. Shifter pads on the toes are a fashion accessory for boots that some ladies like.

Boots come in several heights and there are choices of zip up, slip on or tie up models. Here are a few of my favorite boots. These boots are all good quality and would make a spectacular Harley Davidson gift for her.

Womens Motorcycle Leather Chaps

Leather Chaps protect her legs from rocks, light rain and heat from the motor of her Harley  or your much loved chopper. If the weather should turn cold,  ladies chaps keep her legs warmer. In the event of an accident, motorcycle chaps protect the skin on her legs. Leather motorcycle chaps generally zip up the sides, and have a belt. The upper thighs and butt area are not covered by the leather. Usually there are snaps part way up the calf for ease of getting over the boots. Optimally there will be a lace waist adjustment on the back of the belt. The leather on chaps is usually heavy duty and most have a lining for comfort. There are a few choices of chaps for women, all of which are perfectly acceptable depending on personal taste. Most women opt for black, but I have seen some awesome colored chaps. Style choices include plain, fringes, studs and cutout inserts. I know every motorcycle momma who ever rode on a bike appreciates chaps. Chaps are a great Harley Davidson gift choice for her.

Best Motorcycle Gloves For Women

Motorcycle Gloves for Women are another thoughtful and practical gift for a motorcycle loving female. I own a pair of fingerless motorcycle gloves for women with gel palms. They are my best motorcycle gloves for cruising in the hot summer. I also carry a pair of waterproof gloves and some warmer ladies leather gauntlets. Hand protection from rocks, bugs and skids are so important when riding. Motorcycle gloves come in waterproof styles in both leather and textile. Ladies fingerless motorcycle gloves are popular during the summer months. During early spring, fall and winter seasons are when warmth is the higher priority. Some gloves come with gel padding in the palm area to offset handle bar vibration and some heated gloves can be plugged into an electric vest or heated jacket liner. As far as looks go, there is an astounding variety out there. Gauntlet gloves are popular gift choices as are 'shortie' gloves. There is everything from science fiction looking hand protection to simple leather gloves.  You will need to know what floats her boat. These gloves come in general sizes of small, medium and large. A few brands carry extra small motorcycle gloves. If you have the luxury of knowing her hand size, it makes shopping for this ladies gift easier.

Best Ladies Motorcycle Helmets

Are you in search of Ladies Motorcycle Helmets? Helmets are not required in every state in the USA, but are required in some states and most other countries.. DOT approved helmets are considered to be a safety device. Although not so cool looking, brain buckets do save lives.  If your girl wants a gift of a Harley Davidson helmet there is a multitude of choices. In our area motorcycle helmets are a legal requirement, so I have spent much time trying to find a helmet that is D.O.T. approved and still lightweight and comfortable without giving me the visual image that I have a gigantic mushroom head. Fitment is everything, so I really feel that a helmet should be a collaborative investment. Your biker senorita or senora should by all means try these on before purchase. This is not only to find a lid she will be willing to wear, but to ensure that the helmet fits snugly without causing pressure points and headaches. I would suggest that she try helmets on in a store and find the one that fits and looks the best.  Then check online for a better price. This is a very practical Harley Davidson gift for the lady who shares your cruising curve hugging lifestyle.

Full Faced Helmets for Women

To find full faced helmets for women that are comfortable, snazzy, and complete with all the safety features she wants can be a challenge. Full faced helmets provide maximum protection from the sun, wind and elements. Rocks and bugs bounce off these buckets without causing any injury. She would never need to try to guess what flavor of insect just collided with her teeth.  This helmet is a kevlar and fiberglass composite, so therefore lightweight compared to some other available helmets. The snap on shield is fog resistant and provides UV protection. This helmet has full front to back air ventilation. I personally have never worn a full face helmet, but this model has rave reviews for its comfort and use of feautres.  The tribal style black, gray and white graphics make this helmet very visually appealing.

Ladies Half Helmets

Ladies half helmets such as the one I am profiling are overwhelmingly popular.  This type of helmet would be the most classic style of Harley Davidson gift for her. These lids provide the wind in your face with the advantage of a pull down visor. When not deployed, the shield is retracted up out of the way inside the helmet. The helmet fits over the ears and has a removable and washable liner. I know folks who wear this type of helmet and are very happy with the fit. The look is low key with some feminine grey flower accents, and the lady rider is sure to feel comfortable in this cranium cradle. I would buy this item for my next helmet when the time comes.

DOT Approved Beanie Helmets

Low Profile Beanie Helmets for Women are the badass, rebel girls choice.  Wear one of these beauties when you don't want to wear a helmet but have to by law. This is my overall choice for head protection that screams attitude. This particular model has class, pizzazz, and bling.  Weighing under 2 lbs, this helmet is a lightweight beauty! The graphics on this helmet are wild. A realistic skull peers out through a tangle of fuchsia colored roses, all highlighted with the gold VOS emblem. Practical points include a washable micro fiber liner that is attached with velcro. This helmet would be a wonderful choice for a Harley Davidson gift for a special lady.

Ladies Motorcycle Rain Gear

Motorcycle Rain Gear is always available in my saddle bags, packed close to the top for easy reach. If you want to give a well appreciated Harley Davidson gift for her, this would be the right gift for certain women on your gift list. There are some very important features that absolutely need to be present in these togs. Having a heat shield on the inside of the rain pant is protection against hot pipes, especially if she rides with foot pegs instead of floor boards. Having a velcro fastener or elastic to hold the pant snug to the boot minimizes wet feet. Rain gear for women needs to be made of hardy, waterproof material such as pcv or cortech that won't shred in the wind. The rain suit needs to be big enough to fit over her riding gear. Bright colors and reflective piping are considered to be safety features in case of poor visibility.

Joe Rocket Rain Suits

Joe Rocket rain suits are are well known and highly reviewed by motorcycle riders. This ladies rain gear set includes a jacket and pants. The jacket is totally waterproof. It is made of polyester and has a waterproof lining made of PVC. The coat has elastic waist and velcro wrist bands to adjust over coat and gloves. The zipper has a flap that is closed with velcro.  The waterproof pants have melt resistant shields on the lower legs. Ankle and waist elastics are made to fit over her riding gear, including chaps. There is an elasticized boot strap to hold down the pant. There are color choices for this suit. When wearing this waterproof rain gear women will be dry and snug as a bug in a rug.

Cortech Waterproof Hoodie

Cortech makes a fleece lined waterproof jacket women will want to wear on a light rain day or on a short trip. This hoodie is windproof and waterproof, so its comfortable and stylish as well as rain proof. I own one of these nicely styled womens rain coats and I am very happy with it. This jacket may be a little bulkier than a rain suit, but often I wear it instead of a leather jacket. Its nice to wear if its just cool and windy out too.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoyed these amazing Harley Davidson gifts for her!



Harley Davidson Gift Ideas For Women
Amazing Harley Davidson Gifts for Her