Ladies Conceal and Carry Skull Purses And Handbags For Bikers

Are you a woman motorcyclist who loves skulls as well as purses with concealed carry capabilities? Ladies Conceal and carry skull purses and handbags for bikers might just fit the order for your newest handbag. Stylish and sassy, these are cool women's purses will be the envy of all your skull lovin' biker girl friends. And the concealed carry feature is an added bonus.

Personal safety for a modern day woman is paramount, whether or not you are on your motorcycle. Concealed carry gun purses have room to store the hand gun of any pistol packing mama. If you live in a state or country where carrying firearms is a no-no, you can use the extra space for all of those important items to carry in your motorcycle purse.

Ladies Conceal and Carry Skull Purses And Handbags For Bikers

Ladies Conceal and Carry Skull Purses and Handbags For Bikers

Skulls have long been a staple in motorcycle culture, but in the past few years they have gained popularity in the mainstream population. Here are two interesting skull logos that are popular.

  • The history of the Harley Davidson "Willie G" skull is clouded in uncertainty. The generally accepted story is that in the 1930s, bikers became associated with being criminal outlaws when they started using skull accessories. Designer Willie G Davidson developed the logo to lessen the negative connotations of skulls in motorcycle culture.
  • Colorful, imaginatively decorated Sugar Skulls originate from Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebrations in Mexico. The gorgeous candy skulls are traditionally made of clay molded sugar and brightly decorated. The festooned sugar skulls are then put on gravestones or altars of relatives or loved ones. They are beautiful.

Cross Body Ladies Conceal And Carry Skull Biker Purses

Cross body purses are more secure to carry than normal handbags. They go over your shoulder and drape across the body to rest on the opposite hip. This gives you hands free operations and the purse will not slide off your shoulder at inopportune moments.

This rhinestone skull purse is made of black vinyl and decorated with metallic rainbow thread and chrome rivets. The chrome colored skull is decorated with gleaming rhinestones.

Adjustable straps make sure the fit to your body is perfect. There is a zippered top and storage compartments inside and outside of this 10.75 inch deep by 9.5 inch long by 1.5 inch deep bag. The zipped conceal and carry area is on the back of the purse.

There are such incredible colors in this crossbody sugar skull conceal and carry purse for bikers. Flowers, skulls and crosses decorate this practical handbag! This beauty of a faux leather purse is certainly eye catching.

There are three pockets on the outside of this sturdy purse, including the conceal and carry "holster". On the inside there are several compartments to keep you organized. Tons of zippers make losing items almost impossible.

The wide strap is adjustable and removable, so you can convert the purse into different styles for carrying. Measurements on this festive handbag are 10 inches by 4 inches by 10 inches, so there is lots of room for storage.

Oh my! A hot pink skull purse with chrome colored accents has a conceal and carry pocket. If pink is your color, this is your item. This pleather artificial croc skin bling purse has all the features you would want in a cross body purse. Various zip compartments keep your stuff where you put it. This 11 inch by 11 inch by 2 inch concealed carry ladies purse is festooned with rhinestones. This would make a wonderful gift for a woman motorcyclist

If real leather handbags are your preference, here is an elegant red leather skull purse. The sugar skull is laser engraved onto the motorcycle handbag. This carry and conceal fashion item has three outside zippered pockets and inside one of these is the holster for your handgun. There is plenty of room for all your purse essentials in this cross body bag. The sturdy shoulder straps are clip on style, and they can be adjusted or removed. This genuine leather ladies biker purse measures 12.5 inches by 11 inches by 5 inches.

Over the Shoulder Ladies Conceal and Carry Skull Handbags for Bikers

Many of us motorcycle mavens appreciate an over the shoulder type of ladies concealed and carry purse or handbag. And if you are a biker chick who appreciates skulls on her accessories, these purses are sure to rev your motor!

This earth toned bedazzled rhinestone purse is decked out with a sparkling skull and crossbones. It is a perfect meld of biker mystique and cool south western accents. There is a discreet pocket for carrying your firearm and all the other zippered pockets, nooks and crannies make packing your purse fun. Designed with synthetic leather and metallic trim this cool handbag measures in at 12 inch by 8 inch by 4 inches and has a 10 inch long, strong handle attached to the bag with large jewelry chain links.

This embossed pleather black and red skull purse has been laser carved and adorned with rhinestones. The skull itself has wings and roses with rhinestone accents. The zippered gun carrier is on the back, along with another little pocket to put necessities in. The main compartment zips shut and there are 2 cute little side pockets.

This delightful purse is easy on the eyes and will travel many miles with you on your motorcycle journeys. The skull purse measures 14 inches by 9 inches by 4.5 inches and shoulder strap is 11 inches long.

Here's looking at you baby! This oh so bright sugar skull pistol packing purse is vibrant, colorful and delights the eyes. The multi colored embroidery creates the candy skull and flower motifs that decorate this skull hand bag.

Lots of zippers and chrome stud embellished pockets make this a safe place to keep purse items. The easily accessible gun storage area is zippered. This is a good sized shoulder bag measures 14 inches by 9 inches by 6 inches. The studded handle will be comfortable to carry.

A cool skull purse with fringe benefits. OK its a skull and crossbones purse with fringes. Any way you describe it, this is a badass biker babe kind of handbag. Quilted leather textured vinyl and faux suede fringe are the backdrop to a brilliant rhinestone covered skull on this ladies over the shoulder purse. There is an adorable zipper decoration accented by chrome studs and a sweet heart locket. The conceal and carry zippered pocket is on the back side of this 13 inch by 8.5 inch by 4.25 inch bag. The 10 inch long and 1.25 inch wide carry strap is garnished with studs.

Bling, bling, bling. No, its not the phone. Its the most brilliant, rhinestone encrusted ladies conceal and carry purse that you could ever wish for, just calling your number. This skull and cross bones purse is so sparkly its almost blinding. The side pockets snap closed, but all the other pockets and compartments in this sassy skull handbag are zippered.  

Gun transportation is easy with the handy carry pocket located on the outside on the back of this ladies motorcycle purse. The measurements on this bag are 12 inches by 8 inches by 4.5 inches. The double handle straps are 10 inches long.

Are you feeling blue? Maybe this cheerful blue conceal and carry over the shoulder skull purse will make your day brighter? Ladies biker skull purses come in many colors and this two toned blue beauty is just one of the examples. Made out of faux leather, this pretty purse has a unique wavy baby blue background accented with stud designs. The skull and crossbones are enhanced with diamond like rhinestones. a vertical zipper closes the conceal and carry pouch, and all the other main pockets are zip shut too, except for the two side pockets that snap shut. This spacious womens motorcycle handbag measures 14 inches by 9 inches by 5 inches.

Backpack Sugar Skull Conceal and Carry Purses

Motorcycle backpacks are so practical. There is no end of things you can carry aside from your firearm. Combine practicality with skulls and enthusiasm abounds. Although skulls are the theme in this article, there are also many other beautiful motorcycle backpack purses for women.

This sugar candy skull and floral embroidered ladies backpack is gorgeous. This bright and pretty conceal and carry backpack is made of artificial leather. The top flips over and stays shut with magnetic closures as well as a drawstring. There are zippered pockets on the inside too!

Feel safe and secure with your hand gun securely stashed in the zippered carry pocket on the outside back of the pack. The backpack measures 12.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 6 inches and the 1 inch wide straps are adjustable.

This pretty purple pistol packer of a biker backpack comes with adorable post style rhinestone skull earrings. What a deal! Colorful candy skulls and flowers are embroidered on the front of this purse. The zipped gun carrier pocket is on the back. There are 2 cute little side pockets too. This backpack style of a conceal and carry handbag closes with drawstrings and magnetic closure front flap. Measurements are 13.5 inches by 11.5 inches by 6.5 inches.

Vegan leather purses are the new must have in this ecologically aware world. This black zip up beauty of a candy skull backpack purse has all the colorful embroidered beauty one would expect of a quality product. It is decorated with tasteful accents of rhinestone sparkle.

This zipper closure skull backpack has a zippered inside pocket. The conceal and carry option is a zippered area on the back of the ladies motorbiking backpack. There are 2 open pouches on the outside of the handbag. Measuring 11.5 inches by 5.5 inches by 11 inches, there is plenty of storage area. The double straps are adjustable. Whats not to love about this ladies skull backpack purse.

More Ladies Motorcycle Backpack Purses to Enjoy


Other Sensational Ladies Conceal and carry Skull Purses and Handbags for Bikers

This grey drawstring tote conceal and carry skull purse has snap shut magnetic closures as well as a draw string to assist in keeping your purse contents secure. The concealed carry feature is on a zippered outer pocket on the back of this darling imitation leather handbag.

Silver hard wear and an embroidered skull are the features that catch your eye on the face of this bag, along with the unique laced leather look. Two tiny little silver colored skulls can be found on the outside corners at the bottom. The size of this grey purse for women motorcycle lovers is 10.5 inches by 12.5 inches by 6 inches and has a choice of two detachable handles.

Colorful and convertible is a great combination for a ladies motorbike purse. There are so many ways to wear this lovely wallet style embroidered sugar skull purse. The handbag can be used without a strap as a clutch purse, or with a wrist strap or you can use the over the shoulder strap. This model is a vibrant red conceal and carry skull purse, but it is also available in a plethora of other colors.

This unique purse opens to many compartments for your cards, cash and keys. The carry feature is on the outside of the purse in a zippered compartment. This convertible ladies clutch style purse measures 13 inches by 8.5 inches by 4.5 inches.

A pewter silver skull conceal and carry purse, and a matching wallet are an idea to celebrate! Skulls, skulls and more skulls decorate this synthetic artificial leather biker girl handbag. The matching wallet is a bonus to this practical duo. There is bling in the rhinestones of the skull emblem and dozens of little skulls are emblazoned on the pleather.

The zippered gun pouch is on the back. Also, there are two little snap shut pockets and a cell pocket on the outside. There is lots of room inside the zipped main compartment. The purse size is 13 inches by 8 inches by 5.5 inches, and the wildly wicked wallet fits easily inside it.

Thank you for exploring my ideas for Ladies conceal and carry skull purses and handbags for bikers. It was fun sharing these beautiful and practical items with you and I hope you found these ideas helpful.

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Ladies Conceal and carry Skull Purses and Handbags for Bikers

What to Carry in Your Motorcycle Purse - A Motorcycle Smart Guide for Women

I have had experiences riding a motorcycle for over 20 years. I know what to carry in a motorcycle purse! There are unique items that are specific for our shared passion of motorcycle riding. You will be prepared for any number of unexpected, but totally plausible experiences while on the road with this list. Be prepared with a practical, usable and potentially life saving assortment of goodies.  I carry a backpack style purse and there are many pockets to store important practical necessities. 

What to Carry in Your Motorcycle Purse

What to Carry in Your Motorcycle Purse

I use a number of small make up bags with zippers to store different types of items within my handbag. I group like items together.

  • I use makeup bag one for travel size kits, such as a sewing kit, small first aid kit, a small folding pocket knife and a little eye glass cleaning kit. I also put my iphone charge wire in this bag.
  • I use bag two for pen, post it notes, an alligator clip, a paper clip, a hair elastic, a lighter in a zip lock bag, and a small address book (in case cell my phone dies).
  • Of course, I have a cosmetic case, bag 3, for my travel make-up and a pick or a comb. I also put a travel sized toothbrush, floss and toothpaste in this bag.
  • I then carry my wallet, cell phone, sun screen, lubricating eye drops, bug spray and other items.

Of course you will find your own favorite way to organize all the items you will want to carry in  your own motorcycle purse.

Travel Kits Women Will Love

Mini Travel Sewing Kits

This cute and compact sewing kit has everything you need!, Needles, thread, a threader, pins, buttons, thimble, a snap set and scissors. I use my travel sewing kit often.  It never fails that when you are away from home, something needs a quick repair job. I really appreciate the handy threader. It makes threading through the eye of a needle effortless!

Small Travel First Aid Kits

This is my purse sized first aid kit. I do carry a bigger first aid kit in my motorcycle saddlebags, but that will be a separate article. This tiny little kit will not save lives, but it will for sure keep bandaids, scissors, and other small tools clean and dry. It is so nice to have Band Aid brand adhesive bandages safely in your purse for small scrapes, bites and blisters. The enclosed Q-tips have so many purposes.  I also slip a couple of the triple antibiotic ointment packets in this bag also. It is always a good idea to make sure open surface wounds or scrapes are clean and antibiotic cream helps to prevent infection.

Moist Towelette Wipes

Throw in some Wet-Ones individual wet wipes for sensitive skin. These beauties are great for those side of the road bathroom trips and for sticky food residue. Also these great little hand wipes are great for bug splatters on your face. I like that they are alcohol free and made for sensitive skin. They are definitely what you should carry in your motorcycle purse. They are one of the most useful products out there. The fact that they are individually wrapped means that they will not dry out and no liquid will spill in your purse.

Hangover Cure Pills

Ok, I think that really nothing but time is the ultimate cure for a wicked hangover, but having a travel sized bottle of Tylenol and a package of Tums antacid has made my nausea decrease alot after a heavy drinking biker party. Tylenol is also great for fevers and aches and pains after a long day of riding. And sometimes that big juicy hamburger you had for lunch just doesn't settle well, so its Tums to the rescue. When thinking of what to carry in your motorcycle purse, remember these tiny, but important additions.

Mini Eye Glass Cleaning and Repair Kit

Your eye glasses, sun glasses and goggles are an imperative part of your safety gear when riding a motorcycle. This compact little combo eye glass cleaning kit is so practical. This tiny kit takes care of cleaning bug smears and general dust and grime off your shades without scratching with the streak free microfiber cloth and eyeglass cleaner spray. There is an eyeglass screwdriver kit to tighten screws so your lenses don't fall out while you are riding and you can ensure that the arms fit comfortably under your helmet.

Mini Emergency Survival Kit

This pocket survival kit has so many useful items. You may never have to use any of them, but they are a must-have, just in case. This is a very compact kit, with the waterproof box measuring 3.4 inches by 5.2 inches by 1.4 inches.

The survival box contains a stainless steel multi tool card with instructions of uses, and there are so many! The survival kit also contains a stainless steel folding knife set that includes pliers, knifes, LED flashlight, opener, tiny saw blade. So cute and so practical.

There is a cool flint fire starter set too, including flint and striker. The other included items in this wonderful set are a wire saw, a functioning compass and an ear piercing personal whistle.

Other Essential Purse Items

Portable Office Supplies

I have small square post it notes in a zip up cosmetic bag, along with a pen and other handy "office supplies", such as paper clips, and alligator clip and an address book. I have just added little things as I developed my motorcycle purse supply list.

I would advise you to invest in one of these fantastic small travel organizer wallets. Then there is no need for a separate bag. This self-contained, zippered, camouflage colored binder type case contains all your portable office supplies in one place. It has a calendar and an address book. Also included is an expenses section to keep track of your finances.  If you need to leave a note for someone, the pages are removable, and you can purchase replacement filler pages.

The handy inside plastic cases can hold paper clips or receipts and other sundry items. A handy ruler and ball point pen are included and there is a spot for business cards from those great vendors and fellow riders you will meet on your motorcycle road trip.

RFID Blocking Credit card Case

In order to protect your credit cards and debit cards that are equipped with chip technology from crooks who use handheld Radio Frequency devices to steal your precious information, I highly encourage you to purchase a RFID Blocking Credit Card Case. These beautiful cases and leather wallets are eye-catching and practical for your financial protection. All of them are equipped with plastic dividers on the interior of the cases.

Powerful LED Pen Flashlights

I always carry a pen light flashlight in my backpack handbag. So many times I use my pen light, both while around my motorbike and while I am away from it.

I particularly like this stylus pen flashlight by Streamlight. It is small, no larger than a felt marker. The flashlight has a clip if you want to clip it to a specific spot inside your handbag. Light provided is a white LED long distance beam with a long lasting life.

You have to actually push the bottom of the flashlight to turn it on. This means it will not accidentally get turned on in your purse and run out of battery. It takes one AAA battery which is included with purchase. This beauty is corrosion and water resistant. It is exactly what to carry in your motorcycle purse.

Sawyer Mosquito Repellent

Sawyer Products Premium Insect Repellent contains 20% Picaridin, which is an effective, safer bug deterrent ingredient than DEET. Effective against ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes, this tiny 2 oz spray bottle is perfect for your motorcycle purse. There are other sizes of sprays available, as well as a lotion.

This bug spray works as well as DEET.  Products containing DEET are very effective, but there are concerns about the possible long term effects. And Picaridin is safer for your gear. Protecting your expensive motorcycle gear is a priority.

With Sawyer Picaridin insect repellent the bugs wont bug you! So many totally awesome outdoor motorcycle events are overtaken by hungry, blood sucking insects. Not only do the bites hurt, but some of these nasty little critters carry deadly diseases. Be protected!

Laundry Stain REmoval Products - Tide to Go

Tide detergents makes a mini Tide-to-Go stain remover pen that is a perfect fit to carry in your motorcycle purse. It seems inevitable that food slips from your lips and drops on your shirt or pants. These little miracle workers often get rid of those yucky stains if you use the Tide to Go pen before the stain has a chance to set. A word of advice though - make sure you check these pens out before going on a trip if they have been in your purse for awhile. They do eventually dry out. Its a good idea to have extras on hand.

Anti Static Hair Brush

We all throw a comb or brush into our motorcycle purse. But this unique, compact product is made for motorcycle purses. It is a foldable, battery operated brush that does so much more than just brush your hair. It has ionic anti static properties and has a scalp massager that will feel soooo good on that scalp after wearing a helmet all day! The anti tangle features will deal with that helmet head and keep the frizzies at bay. This little powerhouse of an anti static hairbrush takes one AAA battery.

Top Travel Makeup Essentials

I know that you probably have your own favorite makeup brand. Fragrance free makeup is excellent for sensitive, wind-blown, motorcycle skin. My preferred brand of cosmetics and skin care is Clinique. Fortunately, they sell or have promotional give-aways of mini travel makeup kits.  These gift sets have all the basics you need in a designer cosmetics bag. This particular set has a chubby stick foundation, face powder, two skin care products, a nice mini lipstick and a trial size mascara. Throw in an eye liner and eye shadow,  and you have all the makeup you need in one small package.

Lipstick Cell Phone Charger

With all our modern day communication devices that need charging, a small, portable charger is easy to slip in your purse. This portable lipstick charger charges up in 3 to 4 hours and will recharge for at least one full charge. This is a handy item when you are not close to an electrical outlet for charging your cell phone.

Travel Toothbrush With Toothpaste and GUM Dental Picks

Have you ever got bugs in your teeth? Or have you ever had lunch leftovers stuck in between those pearly whites? Travel pack sized dental care makes your smile even bigger and brighter as the road unfolds in front of your steel horse. Don't leave home without them! Your dentist bill will reflect your foresight. A foldable toothbrush, breath freshening toothpaste and those wonderful little plastic soft tooth picks or floss will make oral care a breeze.


Ouchless Hair Elastics and scrunchies

I always carry extra multi-purpose ouchless hair elastics and scrunchies in my motorcycle backpack handbag. I usually carry black, as it goes with anything. It is so easy to loose a hair elastic when you are roaring down the road.

The elastics are great for bundling things together, and can even be used for clothing issues such as shirt sleeves flapping in the wind, or a rain suit that has come loose at the ankles.

The Harley Davidson black and orange scrunchie is cute and can be worn on or off the bike and for various fashionable hair styles.

Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops

When you are wondering what to carry in your motorcycle purse, please don't forget lubricating eye drops. These are the best lubricating eye drops that I have ever used while riding my cruiser. They do not burn, they do not create a fuzzy film over my eyes and they sooth those dry, dry eyes. Dehydrated, burning eyes are a common complaint for motorcycle riders. Use them often, your eyes will thank you.

Good Oil Free Sunscreen for face and Lips

Sunscreen is so important for preservation of your skin. Skin burns and ages quickly while motorcycle riding. The consensus is that anything over SPF 30 is a waste, but I prefer to be safe, and I advise the use of this oil free SPF 60 Face sunscreen by Ombrelle. Slathering non scented facial sunscreen on the other exposed parts of your body is perfectly acceptable. I use this product and find that it is moisturizing, effective and does not react with my sensitive skin.

A good sunscreen lip balm is imperative! Burnt lips are painful, unsightly and take a long time to heal. Apply the Panama Jack lip balm sunscreen regularly not only as a protection from the sun, but also to keep lips moist and soft.


You may need to check your local laws regarding carrying pepper spray for personal defense. As a woman who may end up riding alone, having 'dog' pepper spray on a quick detach key chain on the outside of your motorcycle purse could be a life saver. Personal safety as an independent female rider should be at the forefront of your concerns.

This compact 18% pepper spray comes in a non leak key chain case. It also shoots an identifying UV dye. I love the unique feature of a laser pointer to help direct the spray at an assailant, whether it be man or beast. The range for this self protection device is up to 16 feet. There is also an on-off safety lock twist top to turn the device on, so there will be no accidental spills or sprays.

Thank you for reading my opinions of what to carry in your motorcycle purse. I trust that you found the article useful and informative. I enjoy sharing my passion and experiences with you.

What to Carry in Your Motorcycle Purse

Ultimate Ladies Backpack Purses for Cool Biker Chicks

Beautifully decorated Ladies Backpack Purses are such a practical and fashionable addition to your motorcycle accessories.

Backpack purses are the ideal accessory for those women who have no saddlebags on their bikes. They can be worn comfortably while you are riding.

For those ladies that have motorcycle touring saddlebags these purse knapsacks offer extra storage while on a trip. Ladies backpack purses for cool biker chicks will make your motorcycle lifestyle so much more organized.

Ladies Backpack Purses for Cool Biker Chicks


If you ride back and forth to work backpack purses will hold your shoes, uniform or lunch. Carry all your necessities such as a wallet, keys, make up bag, comb, work glasses and other odds and ends you want to keep handy. Packing a small set of basic tools in a backpack can be a bonus if you are inclined to do your own bike repairs.

There are many styles and sizes of backpack purses for a motorcycle rider or motorcycle fan. Are you attracted to glitzy bling, or a durable leather backpack? Sizes range from a mini backpack purse to large leather purses. Prices run from inexpensive carry-all bags to designer backpack purses.

Some models of backpack purses are very practical and others are just cute, fashionable items that you can carry on your back.

Advantages to Using a Purse that Converts to a Backpack

  • You can keep your hands free while wearing a backpack style purse while shopping, working on your bike or pushing a stroller.
  • It is optional to wear your backpack purse while riding. This becomes more advantageous if you do not have saddle bags. Some lady motorcycle riders prefer to ride with their handbags in their saddlebags.
  • Generally, a motorcycle enthusiast can carry more important items in a backpack purse than in a small clutch or small handbag.
  • Backpack purses zip up and are secure. so  even if you happen to drop it upside down there will be no scattered items.

Backpack Purses Women will Love!

This small red leather backpack purse packs attitude. The bottom of this sassy backpack is chrome colored, and the red top is decorated with rivets and spikes. The dimensions of this little cherry colored beauty made by Yaagle are approximately 6 inches long, 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. Zipper closures make a desired safety feature and and a handy grip for carrying rounds out this tiny tote.

Harley Davidson purses women want! This cute little mini me motorcycle purse is simply adorable. This water resistant cotton blend Harley Davidson backpack purse is bound to get some smiles. This is an amazing Ladies Backpack Purse

The classic bar and shield decorate the sporty backpack on the traditional black and orange background. The handbag backpack has detachable straps, a front zippered pocket as well as the main zippered compartment.

Dimensions on this small backpack purse are 7 inches by 6 inches by 3 inches.

Do you crave a bling backpack purse? This Zekos black faux leather backpack purse is of a "mock crock" texture and is graced by a dazzling rhinestone skull pendant and glass crystal prisms. The bottom of the attractive purse is embellished with chrome saddlebag studs. You would look great with this sweet little backpack on while riding your motorbike!

The dimensions of this gorgeous ladies backpack purse are 11.5 inches high by 11 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. The adjustable shoulder straps are a comfortable 1.5 inches wide.

Inside you will find 2 zippered pockets and a pouch for storing your cell phone. The exterior zipper is of good quality and a cute carry handle makes an alternative carrying method.

Roomy and stylish, this UTO studded backback purse combines function and fashion. The purse is made of waterproof, durable PU. What is PU, you ask? This material is a combination of leather and polyurethane, creating a super soft synthetic leather.

There are plenty of roomy pockets and there is a well constructed zipper to close the pack. A snap shut fashionably studded flap closes over the main zipper. This amazing ladies backpack purse holds a 12 inch or smaller tablet or iPad.

There are 2 zippered compartments on the outside of this black backpack purse for extra storage. Dimensions are approximately 13 inches long by 5 inches wide by 12 inches high. The backpack straps are removable and a shoulder strap is provided.

This stunning brown leather backpack purse is made by AmeriLeather. Measurements for this beauty are 4.2 inches by 13.8 inches by 9.2 inches.

The fully lined interior pocket contains 2 zippered pockets, a cell phone pocket and an accessory pocket. The main compartment of this ladies backpack purse zips shut and has a leather strap flap that closes over the zipper in the front with a decorative clasp.

 A handy carry handle is provided and the backpack straps are removable. This would be a practical addition to your motorcycle luggage.

Are you needing lots of room to transport your important accessories on your chopper? This very practical Harley Davidson backpack has tons of room and is made of high density polyester The muted black and grey camouflage colors are eye-catching.

This item is more backpack than purse, but does have a sturdy reinforced carry strap, a padded back for comfort while wearing and also a strap to hook around your waist while wearing as a backpack. This waist strap adds extra security when riding!

There are 5 zippered outer pockets and a number of internal zipped pockets and compartments to store your precious belongings. Measurements on this large capacity tote are 19 inches by 11 inches by 7 inches.

It doesn't get any more fashionable than this cotton canvas Harley Davidson backpack purse. Decorated with Harley Davidson bar and shield emblems on a brown background, this beauty of a backpack converts to a cute cross body purse.

This cool ladies backpack purse boasts a magnetic closing front pocket and a full zip top pocket, plus a handy zippered interior pocket. Measurements on this womens biker purse are 9.5 inches long by 11.5 inches high and 5.5 inches in diameter.

Here is a leather Harley Davidson backpack purse women will love! This soft and supple black leather backpack purse has a classic, understated vibe. Zippered front pockets and tops accentuate the Harley Davidson bar and shield logo and chrome studded rivets that decorate this tasteful motorcycle womens backpack purse. Made to measure 14 inches by 10 inches by 5 inches, you will have plenty of room for your necessities.

 Biker chic fashion is the best way to describe this gothic skull purse. I am loving the assorted black skulls on the grey background on this cotton jacquard blend ladies backpack purse.

With a simple strap adjustment this sexy purse switches from a useful backpack to a cute cross body purse. The bottom, straps and carry handle are all constructed of genuine black leather. Sporting 2 front zip-up pockets, this attention-getter has several inside pockets to store your ID and important items.

As a bonus you get the shiny, dangling genuine Harley Davidson charm attachment. measurements are 9 inches by 9.5 inches by 3.5 deep.

What better way to express your personal style than by wearing this classy small black leather backpack by Harley Davidson. Embossed with the Harley eagle logo, this sturdy multi-pocketed carry-all will hold your electronics and various odds and ends safely. This is indeed an ultimate ladies backpack purse.

The dimensions of this black leather beauty are 6.5 inches by 14.2 inches by 10.8 inches. The padded leather straps are sturdy and comfortable to wear and the grip style handle is durable.


These last items are original, one of a kind hand made backpack purses made by talented artisans. Hours of work and craftsmanship went into these unique items.

This is an incredible upcycled motorcycle ladies backpack purse hand made from a kids leather jacket! Incredible imagination and design went into this unique ladies backpack. There are four outside pockets and one inside pocket in the biker purse. The strap is removable and adjustable. Measurements are 13 inches by 7 inches by 3 inches.

This quilted leather satchel back pack is created from various types and assorted pieces of genuine black leather that are stitched together in a pleasing pattern. The talented artisan that created this home made charmer put in plenty of zippered pockets to keep you safely organized. You can contact this artisan and have a purse made to order!

This designer motorcycle backpack measures 18 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches, so there is plenty of room for your electronic tablet, cell phone and other needed items. The leather straps are wide and adjustable and the durable carry handle is sturdy.

OMG!!! This hand made black leather purse has to be one of the best womens backpacks I have ever seen!  I would never have thought of a water resistant backpack shaped like a leather motorcycle saddlebag. Isn't this just the cats meow? It gets my motor running! No one else will have a ladies backpack purse like this.

This durable ruggedly made leather backpack purse is convertible from a black leather handbag to a designer back pack. 2 outer pockets give you room for small items, while the spacious interior is closed with heavy duty buckles. This item can be used as a briefcase, a ladies purse, a backpack or even leather luggage.

The straps are comfortable and size control is in the front for convenience! The carry handle is also made of heavy duty leather. Dimensions are 14 inches by 11 inches by 8 inches.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you found this selection of ladies backpack purses for cool biker chicks helpful. Have a wonderful day!

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Ladies Backpack Purses For Women Motorcycle Riders

Cool Mens Biker Jewelry For Every Occasion

Purchasing Mens Biker Jewelry is a thoughtful, expressive and appreciated gift. Adorning yourself or gifting jewelry to others in the motorcycle world can be so much fun.  Motorcycle jewelry can even be a wearable investment.

Rugged, manly bikers proudly wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, belt buckles and rings. On the odd occasion when they may wear a suit, there are tie clips and cuff links. Most men would love to receive a wearable gift of jewelry for Valentines day, Christmas or their Birthday. Mens biker jewelry is a wonderful gift idea for any special occasion. I have seen men receive jewelry as a thank you gift for being a best man or groomsman at a wedding. Jewelry is also an appropriate gift to a godfather, or a graduating student.

Cool Mens Biker Jewelry For Motorcycle Enthusiasts

 Jewellery tells a tale about the wearer and provides enhancement to the personality of the owner. Much thought goes into the creation of and subsequent selection and purchase of jewellery for yourself or others. What to gift to the biker guy in your life? Are you buying for a dad, brother or significant other?  As an avid motorcyclist, I have seen and talked to many men wearing these particular types of jewelry. Most men have a story to share about how they acquired their pieces and the meanings behind them.

Why buy biker jewelry for a man?

·         Jewelry is non-consumable. It lasts.

·         Most jewelry pieces are a quality gift.

·         Allows for personal expression of individual taste.

·         The gift is a reminder of the giver or the occasion that it was received.

·         The pieces are art. They are made by craftsmen that take pride in their creations.

·         A theme can be built upon if desired. For example, if a man receives a skull type necklace, perhaps next time he will receive a skull ring or bracelet.

 I would like to share with you a small sample of the wide selection of mens biker jewelry.  These are a few of my favorites.

Biker Watches for Men – Harley Davidson watches

Although modern day technologies have almost made the old fashioned watch a thing of the past, there are still many guys who sport a wrist or pocket chain watch. These time pieces are more than just jewellery. They are both practical and decorative. Watches are solid and practical as well as decorative.  And lets face it, when our cell phones run out of battery, it is a reassuring thing to glance down at your watch. There are casual sports styles and dressy jewel encrusted models. The bands on these watches can be leather or chain style or elasticized metal, and can be works of art within themselves. Harley Davidson or other motorcycle themed watches just scream attitude. Would your biker friend wear one of these watches for men?

Mens Motorcycle Rings                                  

Many men sport motorcycle themed rings on their fingers. Artists employed at creating jewellery have created many cool, badass rings for the biker man. Materials range from gold, silver, stainless steel, carbon fibre, copper and gemstones. Designs include engines, skulls, chains, old school mottos and many unique designs. There is something to suit every personality. Can you buy a ring for your dad or son? Of course you can. Rings are an integral part of Mens Biker Jewelry. I know you will find some excellent rings in this collection. I view rings as wearable art.

Harley Biker Belt Buckles

Are belt buckles jewellery or clothing? I think that because they adorn the belt they should be included in the jewellery section. Either on or off your motorcycle, the importance of keeping your pants up is not a debatable point. Sporting a belt buckle should be a personal statement of style. Giving a gift of a belt buckle to your favorite biker male is a fantastic idea. Buckles can be simple or ornate. Themes range from vintage to skulls to a v-twin engine. Biker mottos and eagles are also popular choices for buckle design. Buckles are not limited to Harley products.  There are mens belt buckles for Indian, BMW, Norton, BSA and virtually any brand of motorcycle. A good quality belt should be enhanced by a buckle that enhances the personality of the wearer.

Motorcycle Earrings

Although earrings are worn by both males and females, there are some predominantly masculine earrings that would appeal to the biker men. Earrings can be cheap and fun costume jewelry or a more expensive gift with meaning.  Also, earrings are no longer limited to ears. Tongue, lip, eyebrow and faces are pierced nowadays.  Biker earring materials can consist of hypoallergenic metal to gold. Designs are as varied as the imagination. Again, skulls, the Harley bar and shield and other motorcycle insignia are very popular. Motorcycle earrings can be worn as a pair or individually. Why not start a collection of earrings for him today. There are many choices, so don’t limit yourself.

Biker Bracelets for Men

Bracelets are a good, basic product to be included in mens biker jewelry. Biker guys really do like a cool, motorcycle themed wrist band as a gift. Simple metal or silver chains or leather bands are the preferred choices, although gold and other metals are often used. Often a tag with a meaningful saying or image adorns these bracelets. Styles can be simple or ornate, depending on the tastes of the wearer. If you are not comfortable giving rings or necklaces, bracelets are a safe, non-committal type of gift. I see many guys wearing wrist bands that have been gifted to them.

Mens Motorcycle Necklaces

A necklace or neck chain is a piece of jewelery that is close to the heart! Prices for mens motorcycle necklaces range from economical to extravagant. You can rock his special occasion with a gift of a motorcycle themed pendant that is surrounded by a simple leather thong, or you can purchase a masculine chain to hold your chosen piece. Some necklaces are sold with the chain or thong as a unit and some must be purchased separately. The possibilities and combinations are endless.  Remember, you are not limited to just a Harley Davidson Necklace. There are many choices for every make and model of motorcycle. Also, dog tags, eagles, bar and shield, flames and skulls are some top choices. Live to Ride and other mottos and sayings are popular for the pendant.

Biker Tie Clips and Cuff Links

Picture your biker fellow all dressed up for a wedding, funeral or other special occasion. Sometimes it is so hard to get them into semi-formal or formal attire. How better to still keep his attitude than to sport a motorcycle themed tie clip and cuff link set. There are many themes for these beauties. There are motorcycles, eagles, skulls, v-twin engines, flames and the ever-popular bar and shield. This is a way to be dressed up and still be the rebel. I have seen many compliments dished out to chaps who wear these items. It may be easier to get your man into a suit if he has tie clips or cuff links that distinguish his own personal style.

Thank you for checking my article for some ideas for mens biker jewelry. As a motorcycle rider, I enjoy seeing the variety of biker jewelery that men wear, and hearing the stories of how they acquired them. Sometimes they are gifts from special people, or are reminders of special occasions.  I hope I was able to give you a small amount of insight and ideas on this subject. I plan on adding some more ideas to this post, so please feel free to check back in. I love to hear your stories and ideas.



Cool Mens Biker Jewelry For Motorcycle Riders